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18July 2020

Due to COVID-19 limitations, the State Lands Division of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR) will conduct its hunting lease program without a live auction for 2020.

Patti Powell McCurdy, State Lands Director, implemented a program in 2010 that lined up all leases under State Lands’ control to operate on a five-year public bidding cycle. State Lands would kick-off a new cycle by marketing an Invitation for Quotes noting all the tracts readily available for leasing.

Up until this year, potential lessees could submit sealed written bids, but they also had the chance to continue bidding at a live auction.

“We had an auctioneer conducting the bidding,” McCurdy stated. “If we received written bids on a tract, the highest composed bid then became the new minimum at the live auction. Like any other auction, people would be raising their hands and screaming out bids. It was enjoyable to watch.”

McCurdy said when it came time to send out the 2020 Invite for Bids, the uncertainties related to COVID-19 provided difficulties that made it impractical to try to hold a live auction.

“We held off a bit in hopes that we might find a way to effectively consist of a live auction element,” she stated. “We never ever really got there. The last thing I desired was for a hunter to drive several hours and after that be not able to bid at the live auction since of capability constraints or other limitations. I eventually decided to move forward the very best way we could. So, for the 2020 cycle, State Lands will just be accepting composed, sealed bids.”

Nevertheless, with the 2020 cycle supplying passionate hunters a chance to submit quotes for 145 systems throughout 30 counties, there is still plenty to get delighted about this year.

McCurdy said the searching lease program expands the many excellent public searching chances currently used by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources on the state’s wildlife management areas (WMAs), Unique Opportunity Areas (SOAs) and different Forever Wild Land Trust systems.

“The leasing program offers individuals the chance for an absolutely various searching experience– a very personal one,” she said. “Not everyone has access to family land or a hunting club. This provides the general public a chance to rent a tract and enjoy it with friends and family. Our bidders vary from hunting clubs to grandparents searching for a location to take their grandkids searching. I presume we may likewise have a couple of bidders who simply desire a place to escape and delight in all on their own. It’s simply a different experience we can provide the general public.”

One happy lessee is Marty Pasley, who leases a system in main Alabama. Pasley stated the lease allows him to take his 9-year-old grand son searching anytime he is offered.

“This has been terrific for me and my grandson,” Pasley said. “It’s been a godsend for me since it’s close to house. It’s been the greatest experience worldwide with the way State Lands did everything they said they would do. It’s been a terrific setup to take kids. Almost every time we go, we see deer. I have actually truly been blessed to be able to lease this property.”

While Pasley leases for his household, hunting clubs also participate in the program.

“It’s been great for us,” stated Brian Fulkerson, who rents land in south Alabama. “If I need any support, they (State Lands) are wonderful. We’re on the QDMA (Quality Deer Management Association) program, so we take care of our deer. I understand they didn’t have a choice on the bidding procedure. Sealed quote is alright with me.”

Interested bidders can go to to see the 2020 Invitation for Quotes, a “Complete Listing of 145 Hunting Lease Tracts” (ranging from 43 acres to 1,400 acres), maps for each searching lease tract, and a sample hunting lease.

“I encourage everybody to first check out the Invitation for Bids extremely carefully,” McCurdy said. “It is the official file detailing all requirements associated with submitting a bid that should be followed so that the bid can be accepted by State Lands.”

Maybe most importantly, the opportunity to send a quote will close on July 30 at 3 p.m., the deadline for all sealed bids to be physically received at the State Lands Department office in Montgomery.

“It’s the obligation of each bidder to make sure it reaches our workplace on time,” McCurdy stated. “We can decline any bids for any reason after the deadline in the Invitation for Quotes. Bidding starts at the tract-specific minimum quote quantity noted in the Complete Listing.”

Each quote sent should also include a licensed or cashier’s check (no cash or personal checks) for the required bid deposit for that system. McCurdy stated the required quote deposit quantity can likewise be found on the Complete Listing.

“We can’t think about any bid that is not accompanied by the quote deposit,” she said. “Again, it is so critical to read and follow all the instructions in the Invitation for Quotes. Effective bidders will have the quote deposit applied to the first year’s lease. Quote deposits submitted by not successful bidders will be returned.”

“After the bid opening on the following day, ideally by close of business, the highest quotes for each system will be published at the exact same website link (see above),” McCurdy stated.

In case of a tie, State Lands will call the tied bidders relating to the process for those bidders to continue the competition and come to the greatest bid.

“If an effective bidder fails to carry out the lease within the required 30-day duration, we can contact the next greatest bidder,” McCurdy said. “So, even if you are not the greatest bidder at first, you might still have a possibility to lease the system you want.”

Interested bidders should likewise take the time to review the sample lease. McCurdy said it is necessary to be sure you are willing to adhere to the lease provisions throughout the five-year lease duration, before submitting a bid.

“One requirement is to preserve general liability insurance,” she stated. “A successful bidder should also submit a list of the proposed hunters who will be on the tract. We do check those hunters for a record of game infractions. Lessees are also required to provide some landowner help and typically return the system to State Lands in as good or better condition than they discovered it.”

The hunting lease program is simply one example of how State Lands satisfies its obligation to handle a range of state-owned land for the function of generating earnings.

“Like any organisation that handles realty as a possession, State Lands is charged with trying to find ways to make these systems a revenue-generating asset for particular state firm recipients,” McCurdy stated. “To some, this might sound like an unforeseen function for the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, however really it’s not. Using proven conservation principles and carrying out finest management practices has always been straight linked to the resulting efficiency of land. While you might see a one-time generation of earnings, you will never ever attain the objective of constantly creating income unless you take correct care of the land over the long term. So, these leases are really a win-win for the state and hunters. They create earnings for different state firms, like the Department of Education and the Department of Mental Health, and at the exact same time allow State Lands to provide an unique hunting opportunity to any person going to take part in the bid process.”

David Rainer is an acclaimed author who has actually covered Alabama’s great outdoors for 25 years. The previous outdoors editor at the Mobile Press-Register, he composes for Outdoor Alabama, the site of the Alabama Department of Preservation and Natural Resources.Source:

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