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28September 2020

Last week, Alabama Power revealed that it is extending the summer season swimming pool on Lake Martin into fall, permitting more boating and leisure opportunities than would be possible if the execution of the winter drawdown began last Tuesday as arranged.

Hydro Services supervisor Jim Crew stated that the fall extension is given since water abounds throughout the Tallapoosa and Coosa river basins and conditions are fulfilled at Alabama Power dams across the system.

Until Oct. 15, Lake Martin’s water level will remain at 491 feet suggest sea level. After that date, the level slowly will be drawn down to 484 feet imply sea level by the 3rd week of November. The seasonal drawdown has several benefits, the most crucial of which is flood avoidance. The winter swimming pool level provides storage space in the reservoir system for spring rains.

At the regional level, the lower water permits repair work and improvements to docks that are undersea during the summer season. The drawdown likewise permits more access to the lake bottom during winter clean-up efforts and helps in the control of some intrusive weed types along the coastline as well.

Alexander City Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Ed Collari stated that extending the summer swimming pool level provides financial advantages to Lake Martin communities that provide services to part-time lake citizens and visitors.

“Economically, that’s fantastic news for our community,” Collari stated. “The increased lake levels will allow individuals to continue to enjoy the lake into the fall. We’ve seen already this year what having individuals here around the lake will do, as that’s shown in our neighborhood sales tax levels. The greater water level will motivate individuals to spend more time in our communities.”

Alabama Power is accredited to run Martin Dam and manage the tank. The license stipulates Sept. 1 as the drawdown start date unless 4 particular criteria are met, suggesting that the system of reservoirs on the Tallapoosa and Coosa rivers includes enough water to preserve navigation levels downstream.

Civil Service Announcement

The conditional fall extension of the summertime swimming pool is brand-new to the licensing terms for Lake Martin. It was not consisted of in license regards to Alabama Power’s earlier licenses, but the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission added it to the license issued in December 2015 after the lake neighborhood overwhelmingly argued for it.

Analysis of information at that time showed the fall extension might be expected to occur about when every 4 years; nevertheless, this is the third year because the license has actually been in effect the fall extension has been given.

Rainfall has been far above average in the Lake Martin location this year. Typical rainfall for the duration of January through August is simply under 39 inches, however more than 54 inches of rain have fallen in the lake location up until now, according to the National Weather Service.


Alabama Power agents advise boaters to take pleasure in the extension of summer season safely.

People with boats and other water-related equipment and facilities need to constantly look out to altering conditions on Alabama Power tanks and be prepared to take the essential actions to secure their homes.

Manmade lakes across Alabama provide fishing, boating and leisure chances to people throughout Alabama. It also offers habitat for wildlife including ducks, geese, turtles and many other water birds including seagulls.

The lakes provide plenty of cheap, renewable electrical power through the hydro-electric dams Alabama Power operates while increasing coastline environment and flood control.

For additional information about Alabama Power lakes, download the new Smart Lakes app or go to You can call 800-525-3711 for lake condition updates.Source:

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